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South Carolina small cities, towns to get $435M in ARPA money in September

South Carolina’s 254 municipalities with populations under 50,000 will receive the $435 million they were allocated collectively under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). When that money will materialize in municipal coffers remains uncertain since the small cities and towns must apply for their share through an online portal managed by the state that should […]

Washington tribal casinos get approval for sports betting

The U.S. Department of the Interior has given final approval for nine tribal casinos in Washington to start offering sports gambling, while agreements with eight other tribes are pending. Washington, however, remains the only state out of 30 that does not realize any tax revenue from tribal gaming. A 2005 compact signed by then-Gov. Christine […]

Do Sleep Trackers Really Work?

It seems that everyone that you see is wearing a tracking device on their wrist. Those who don’t have them on their wrists have them on their phones.  They certainly are the latest, must-have fashion accessory, but what is their purpose?  Do they really work? What is a sleep tracker?  Sleep trackers are pieces of […]

Climate warming is altering animals’ gut microbes, which are critical to their health and survival

It seems like each day scientists report more dire consequences of climate change on animals and plants worldwide. Birds that are migrating later in the year can’t find enough food. Plants are flowering before their insect pollinators hatch. Prey species have less stamina to escape predators. In short, climatic shifts that affect one organism are […]

Where can I get some?

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