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Tennessee spent about $245K for October’s special sessions

The Tennessee Legislature’s two special sessions last month cost taxpayers nearly $245,000. The Ford special session called by Gov. Bill Lee to pass $884 million in incentives for the car company cost more than $108,000 for the Legislature to be in session for three days, and the COVID-19 rules special session cost more than $136,000 for three days, according […]

Tennessee board reviews $3.1B in ARPA spending, previews $6.2B in infrastructure

The Tennessee Financial Stimulus Accountability Group came a step closer Monday to finalizing more than $3.1 billion in federal stimulus spending while getting a preview of an estimated $6.2 billion in infrastructure funding related to the Infrastructure Investment and Job Funds Act. The group will have one more review with additional information on its Tennessee Resiliency Plan spending at […]

Sports gambling generates $2M in Tennessee tax revenue in August

Daily Tennessee sports gambling numbers for August matched those of July with around $4.7 million bet per day, according to numbers released Monday by the Tennessee Education Lottery. Bettors placed $144.5 million in wagers in August that led to $13.2 million in gross gaming revenue and $10.1 million in taxable revenue. Sports betting generated $2 […]

State agencies make pitches for spending billions in Tennessee ARPA money

Tennessee’s Financial Stimulus Accountability Group met with state agency heads this week regarding funding requests related to the second half of $3.7 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act relief. The group met with 17 departments over two days to hear funding requests for the $1.875 billion in what the committee is calling the Tennessee […]