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Worn-Out Nurses Hit the Road for Better Pay, Stressing Hospital Budgets — and Morale

In parts of the country where covid-19 continues to fill hospitals, a rotating cast of traveling nurses helps keep intensive care units fully staffed. Hospitals have to pay handsomely to get that temporary help, and those higher wages are tempting some staff nurses to hit the road, too. Nearly two years into the pandemic, there’s […]

Tennessee lawmakers attempt to ban school mask mandates, again

Tennessee school districts and charter schools will be banned from issuing mask mandates if legislators adopt an amendment proposed Tuesday during the state’s special legislative session. Rep. Jason Zachary of Knoxville presented the amendment during a committee meeting, detouring from the stated agenda for the special session. Gov. Bill Lee called the session last month […]

Who’s Got Competition in the City Council? Look Up Who’s Running in Your District

It’s been a busy year for would-be local leaders. Hundreds of people signed up to run for the City Council with a majority of seats up for grabs, making for a hectic primary season. That list was whittled down in June, though some races were not called until August. Now, thanks to New York’s deep […]

First lawsuit filed challenging new Texas political maps as intentionally discriminatory

Before they’ve even been signed into law, Texas’ new maps for Congress and the statehouse are being challenged in court for allegedly discriminating against Latino voters. Filing the first federal lawsuit Monday in what’s expected to be a flurry of litigation, a group of individual voters and organizations that represent Latinos claim the districts drawn […]

California Democrats rally around union as leader resigns over felony charges

One of California’s largest unions has new leadership after its former director learned she’s facing several felony charges. California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed 14 felony charges, including tax fraud, embezzlement and perjury, against Service Employees International Union Local 721 Director Alma Hernández. Bonta said in the Oct. 4 filing Hernández had been on his […]

Federal judge grants temporary restraining order in Colorado discrimination lawsuit over relief funds

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Colorado’s economic development office from giving minority-owned businesses preference for COVID-19 relief grants. The lawsuit was initially filed last week by Stephen Collins, the owner of Resort Meeting Source, an event-planning business. Collins, who is white, argues that his business qualifies as a “disproportionately impacted business” under state […]

GOP state Rep. Lyle Larson, who has increasingly broken with his party, won’t seek reelection

State Rep. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio, who bucked his party on a number of major issues this year, announced Wednesday he will not seek reelection. In an email to constituents, Larson said he was following through on legislation he has repeatedly introduced that imposes a term limit of 12 years on any elected official at […]

Another minority group challenges Illinois’ legislative maps

Another group is protesting the Democratic-drawn legislative maps in Illinois. The Illinois African Americans for Equitable Redistricting (IAAFER) has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice to ensure that the maps optimize opportunities for minority voters to elect candidates of their choice. IAAFER also shared concerns regarding prison gerrymandering and how the practice will […]

Feds forgive millions in Superstorm Sandy loans to New Jersey towns

The stopgap measure approved last week to avoid a government shutdown includes a provision to forgive at least $30 million in outstanding federal loans for New Jersey towns impacted by Superstorm Sandy nine years ago. More than 20 municipalities across the Garden State have outstanding Community Disaster Loan (CDL) balances. The loans, administered by the Federal Emergency […]

Texas Senate approves congressional map that draws no new Black or Hispanic districts even as people of color fueled population growth

The Texas Senate approved a map Friday that would largely protect incumbents in Congress while reducing the number of districts in which Black and Hispanic residents make up the majority of eligible voters — stymieing the growth of the state’s Democratic Party representation in Washington, D.C. The congressional map is focused more on protecting incumbents […]