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American society teaches everyone to be racist – but you can rewrite subconscious stereotypes

Benjamin Waddell, Fort Lewis College and R. Nathan Pipitone, Florida Gulf Coast University Progress toward a more just and equitable society may be on the horizon. Since the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in May, around the United States, millions of people have taken to the streets, statues have been felled, […]

Women equal men in computing skill, but are less confident

The big idea In the workplace, women are now as good as men when it comes to computing performance, but there is still a gender gap when it comes to confidence, according to our new research. As professors of business, we studied how well men and women in midlevel business jobs performed on computing tasks. […]

Climate warming is altering animals’ gut microbes, which are critical to their health and survival

It seems like each day scientists report more dire consequences of climate change on animals and plants worldwide. Birds that are migrating later in the year can’t find enough food. Plants are flowering before their insect pollinators hatch. Prey species have less stamina to escape predators. In short, climatic shifts that affect one organism are […]

How oil prices got wrapped up in the coronavirus outbreak

A novel coronavirus is affecting countries in every habitable continent, with recent shocks to oil prices only the latest wrinkle in the unfolding outbreak. During trading on March 9, crude oil prices dropped to half what they were in January. This is an example of an oil shock. A shock is a massive change — in this case, […]

Q&A: ‘Cancer vaccines will not replace surgery or chemo but could give long-lasting immunity’

Arming our immune system to fight cancer has been a long-standing dream for scientists and doctors. However, many cancers have tricks that allow them to hide from the immune system and suppress our immune defences. To unleash our immune system we have to tackle both of these tricks. A revolution in immunology over the past […]

Leuven named the 2020 European capital of innovation

The €1 million cash prize, which every year recognises cities’ innovative solutions to social challenges that engage and empower its citizens, was awarded to Leuven in a ceremony with EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during the EU Research and Innovation Days in Brussels, Belgium, on 24 September. Speaking remotely at the digital awards ceremony, Mohamed Ridouani, the mayor of […]

How waste CO2 is helping to turn renewable energy into liquid fuel

Methanol can be made from CO2 captured from industrial sources, combined with hydrogen split out of water using surplus renewable energy. And the resulting fuel can be used in cars or ships, reducing the use of fossil fuels as well as emissions of greenhouse gases. ‘We are … transforming renewable energy into a liquid fuel […]

Coach-turned-author John Barry still loves football but urges caution during pandemic

Three facts you should know about author John M. Barry, the former football coach whose masterful historical literary works include both “The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Greatest Plague in History” and “Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America”: • Barry, who once coached football at the […]

AAP closure: An era in journalism ends as media diversity takes another hit

Since 1935, Australian Associated Press has covered news in Australia the way it was meant to be done – in a factual, neutral and non-biased way. In June we lose this source of factual news reporting. AAP’s majority owners, Nine Entertainment and News Corp, recently announced that the operation is no longer sustainable, and in […]

Grocery workers are risking their health during the pandemic to keep stores open. They want better pay and protections.

While people across the state are being told to stay home and avoid gathering in large groups in an attempt to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, Logan regularly finds himself surrounded by hordes of anxious shoppers frantically stocking up on beans and toilet paper. In an acknowledgment of the uncomfortable position his job […]