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DACA Recipients Brace for a World Without Legal Status

Even before coronavirus made its way to New York, uprooting millions of lives, Raul Contreras was already living with a tremendous amount of anxiety over his future. Like thousands of other New Yorkers who came to the United States as children, the 27-year-old may lose the legal protections and benefits granted under the Obama-era Deferred […]

Drone strikes in Pakistan Fresh evidence of CIA civilian deaths in Pakistan revealed

Two major investigations have provided fresh evidence that civilians are continuing to be killed in Pakistan’s tribal areas by CIA drones – despite aggressive Agency denials. In a study of ten major drone strikes in Pakistan since 2010, global news agency Associated Press deployed a field reporter to Waziristan and questioned more than 80 local people about […]

Making sense of Montana’s COVID-19 data

s Montana passes into the dog days of a socially distanced summer, it’s been 20 weeks since the state’s first confirmed cases of COVID-19, announced March 13, signaled the global pandemic’s arrival in Big Sky Country. A bewildering array of developments have been packed into that span: school closures, a stay-at-home directive, an economic reopening, a mask mandate — not to […]

For 30 years, Georgia and Florida have been fighting over water

asey Cox says the Flint River is part of her soul. A sixth-generation farmer in southwest Georgia, Cox was told as much by her father, who probably heard the same from the generations preceding him. A 28-year-old University of Florida graduate, Cox hopes to continue her family’s tradition by growing the farm’s production of peanuts, sweet […]

COVID Survivors’ Blood Plasma Is A Sought-After New Commodity

Diana Berrent learned she had tested positive for COVID-19 on a Wednesday in mid-March. Within a day, she had received 30 emails from people urging her to donate blood. Friends and acquaintances, aware of her diagnosis, passed along a pressing request from New York’s Mount Sinai Health System, one of the first centers to seek […]

Facebook Accused of Ignoring Hate Speech in India

India’s Congress party has requested a parliamentary panel to investigate possible favoritism by Facebook’s India team for the nation’s ruling right-wing party. Allegations Against Facebook The demand for the investigation into Facebook’s alleged favoritism stemmed from a report published on Friday by the Wall Street Journal, alleging that Facebook neglected its hate speech policy where […]

Indians Take a Stand Against Skin Whitening

Throughout India, billboards, television screens, and store shelves promote products with ‘anti darkening’ properties, enticing consumers with images of beaming fair-skinned women. A pale complexion is considered a beauty ideal in South Asia – where the majority of citizens are dark-skinned from living near the equator. For years, beauty companies have marketed whitening creams, scrubs, […]

Zoom meetings help marginalised staff feel included – we should keep having them even after offices reopen

Before the lockdown, people who voluntarily worked remotely were often marginalised compared with their colleagues working in the office. Studies show that remote workers could often feel professionally and socially isolated. The physical distance between remote workers and their on-site colleagues meant they missed out on learning opportunities. Those working remotely would also frequently miss […]

Working parents dealing with coronavirus quarantines will face psychological challenges

Many working parents have been instructed to work from home. Because of this forced or volunteer social distancing, many parents are now dealing with the new normal of having to work while parenting full time. Keep in mind, those who work remotely tend to be wealthier with bigger spaces. This quarantine can be extra challenging […]

McMaster researchers’ act of kindness comes full circle

Call it a repayment in kindness. In February, infectious disease researcher Yingfu Li and his research team raised money and bought N95 masks and goggles for Chinese hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis in that country. Now, more than 20 scientists in China who previously worked with Li or his team members have raised money to […]