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‘We have done great things … but we don’t have the funding we need.’

Nearly two months after it started, the landmark fair funding trial underway in Harrisburg is shaping up as a battle over defining educational “must-haves” vs. “nice-to-haves.” The trial, which has the potential to overhaul how education is paid for in Pennsylvania, resumed Thursday after a two-week holiday hiatus.  Jane Harbert, who retired in 2020 after […]

At funding trial, educators say they’re doing their best with less

When he took the stand under cross examination Tuesday, Panther Valley Superintendent David McAndrew had to explain how his rural, underfunded district managed to repave its headquarters parking lot. He was under cross-examination at the start of a long-awaited and potentially historic trial in which plaintiffs say thousands of Pennsylvania students are being denied their […]

A possible transit strike could force Philadelphia schools to go remote

After pushing to get most students back in person this year, the Philadelphia school district might be forced to return to remote learning if a SEPTA strike shuts down the region’s buses, trains and trolleys. In a letter sent to parents Monday, Superintendent William Hite warned that it’s a real possibility if students and staff […]