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Paralympians still don’t get the kind of media attention they deserve as elite athletes

With no international spectators and limited domestic crowds, the importance placed on broadcasting the Paralympic Games is greater than ever before. When the Games were postponed in 2020, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Andrew Parsons argued that the Paralympics were needed more than ever to put disability back at the heart of the inclusion agenda. With the […]

Colleges must choose whether to let athletes wear school gear for paid promotions

Just days after the NCAA changed it rules in June 2021 to let college athletes seek endorsement deals, a college quarterback in the South announced a sponsorship deal with a beverage company. About the same time, another college football player, a wide receiver in the South, signed an endorsement deal with a national retailer. In […]

From bespoke seats to titanium arms, 3D printing is helping paralympians gain an edge

Major sporting events like the Paralympics are a breeding ground for technological innovation. Athletes, coaches, designers, engineers and sports scientists are constantly looking for the next improvement that will give them the edge. Over the past decade, 3D printing has become a tool to drive improvements in sports like running and cycling, and is increasingly used by paralympic athletes. […]

Five steps for Nigeria’s athletes to build personal brands

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have come and gone. The games always motivate some young people to get into sports. But while there is glamour attached to sports participation, there are also well documented challenges with regard to administration and funding in Nigeria. Many of the athletes representing Nigeria in Tokyo experienced funding problems as a result of bad administration. The organisation in charge […]

A football World Cup every two years? An expert runs the numbers

In May 2021, Fifa began exploring the idea of holding a men’s football World Cup every two years instead of four. Further plans have since been unveiled, and the proposal, which originally came from Saudi Arabia, has received support from some international organisations. Fifa’s chief of global football development and former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger says he is […]

State officials lobby Missouri Senate panel to legalize sports wagering in 2022

Fiscal Year 2021, which ended June 30, was a record year for the Missouri Lottery with ticket sales up by nearly 20% and receipts topping $1.8 billion, netting $345 million for state education programs. But if Missouri lawmakers allowed new products, such as sports wagering, and took steps to “modernize our channels of distribution” through […]

Sports betting could be available in Maryland by end of NFL season

Maryland residents may be able to bet on their favorite team before the NFL season ends, according to Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission (MLGCC) announced this week that the online licensing portal for the 17 companies approved to offer sports betting is open. The Sports Wagering […]

‘Harder than I’d expected’ top players on why joining Premier League from abroad is so tough

The new football season has seen the return of fans, and the return of big money transfers. Ahead of the transfer window closing at the end of August, big names joining the English Premier League from overseas include Raphael Varane (to Manchester United from Real Madrid for £42 million) and Romelu Lukaku (to Chelsea from Inter Milan for £97.5 […]

UTSA stopped displaying “Come and take it” flag at football games and now faces criticism from its Board of Regents

The University of Texas at San Antonio is taking heat from the UT System’s board of regents for its recent decision to stop displaying the famous “Come and take it” flag at football games after some in the university community argued the slogan has a racist history. Regents Chair Kevin Eltife said in a statement […]

As U.S. football season kicks off, climate change threatens the game

For many in the United States, the first sign of fall is the start of football season. College students are back on campus and broadcasting networks are gearing up for the usual Thursday-to-Monday coverage. But the impacts of climate change have undeniably worsened in recent years, converging in a cluster of disasters each summer and fall […]