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Changes coming to Illinois’ Student-Athlete Endorsement Rights Act

The law that allows student athletes in Illinois to get endorsements while in college has a few changes coming under a measure Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed Friday.

The governor’s office announced four bills he approved Friday, in addition to a separate announcement of extending property tax exemptions for seniors, veterans and those with disabilities.

Among the four measures is House Bill 1175, which amends the Student-Athlete Endorsement Rights Act enacted in 2021. The updates approved Friday that are set to be effective Jan. 1, 2023, strike “certified” as a qualifier for an agent to the student and adds to the definition of “likeness” to include “not reasonably considered to be a generic representation of a member of an intercollegiate athletics program.”

The new law also modifies the timeframe a student athlete must provide the postsecondary educational institution a written notice and copy of a sponsorship agreement “in the manner and at a time prescribed by the institution,” instead of within seven days.

Another addition to the law is “Nothing in this Act shall require a postsecondary educational institution to directly or indirectly identify, create, facilitate, arrange, negotiate, or otherwise enable opportunities for a prospective or current student-athlete to enter into a publicity rights agreement with a third party.”

A new section is added to the law encouraging the school to provide financial literacy, brand management, and life skills programming designed for student athletes.

“The programming may include information on time management skills necessary for success as a student athlete and available academic resources,” the law says. “Marketing, advertising, referral, or solicitation information by providers of financial products or services may not be included in such programming.”

Other bills the governor approved Friday:

Bill Number: HB 722

Description: Provides for an immediate effective date of HB 1175.

Action: Signed

Effective: Immediately

Bill Number: SB 3895

Description: Amends the Property Tax Code by changing the assessment process and application process for the Affordable Rental Housing program.

Action: Signed

Effective: Immediately

Bill Number: SB 4056

Description: Cleans up various provisions of the School Code.

Action: Signed

Effective: Immediately.

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