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U.S. production facility moving to Prince George’s County in Maryland

A new production facility is carving a piece out of Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan said.

The governor announced Wednesday that the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing will relocate to a new facility in Beltsville. The new production facility will replace the current more than 100-year-old location in Washington, D.C.

“Over the past three years, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the state of Maryland have worked closely on evaluating the potential for this Beltsville facility and determining how we can best work together to make this project successful,” Hogan said in a release. “Learning that the land has been transferred is another step in the right direction for moving this project forward. We look forward to seeing the Bureau and its hundreds of employees call Maryland home.”

The engraving and printing bureau, which is an agency of the U.S. Treasury, will house its new facility in Prince George’s County on a 104-acre site situated within the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The property has been officially transferred to the Department of Treasury, according to the release.

The new facility, the release reads, will be state-of-the-art and also environmentally friendly. There, paper currency will be printed along with other security products for the federal government.

According to the release, the bureau is in the design stage and is planning to finish developing the designs by next summer. Construction, which will be handled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Baltimore District, is planning to complete the project by 2027. The facility will have 850 workers on site and 600 working remotely.

The state’s Department of Commerce has been working with the bureau since 2019 and has been part of the selection process to facilitate the project. Maryland is also working with the federal government and Prince George’s County for traffic improvements designed to quell traffic near the facility, including on state Route 201, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and Powder Mill Road.

“Maryland is the perfect location for BEP’s new production facility,” Maryland Commerce Secretary Mike Gill said in the release. “More than 60 federal agencies call Maryland home, along with dozens of military facilities and federal research and development labs. This Beltsville site will provide the convenience the BEP needs to increase its production and advance its manufacturing process, while providing a quality workplace for its employees.”

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