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Percentage of New Mexico state legislative incumbents facing primaries at its highest since 2014

Twelve of the 57 New Mexico state legislators running for re-election – eight Democrats and four Republicans – face contested primaries. That equals 21% of incumbents seeking re-election, the highest rate since 2014. The remaining 45% of incumbents are not facing primary challengers. While there are fewer incumbents in contested primaries this year than in […]

Rate of state legislative incumbents facing primary challengers doubles in Idaho compared to recent years

More state legislative incumbents are facing primary challenges in Idaho this year than at any point since at least 2014. Seventy-five incumbents are seeking re-election this year, 61.3% of whom (46) are running in contested primaries. From 2014 to 2020, the percentage of incumbents in contested primaries hovered at around half that rate, ranging from […]

51% of Kentucky legislative districts are contested by only one of the two major parties

The filing deadline for candidates running for state or federal office in Kentucky was Jan. 25, 2022. State legislative elections will take place in 19 of the 38 state Senate districts and all 100 state House districts. In all, 256 candidates filed for those 119 districts: 88 Democrats and 168 Republicans. This equals 2.2 candidates […]