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Maryland parents scrambling to find baby formula

Amid a national shortage in baby formula, safety and caution are being encouraged to Maryland families by a state pediatrics chapter. “For most babies, it’s not dangerous because they can just try another formula,” Debbie Badawi, president of the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, told The Center Square. “It’s really an issue […]

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ nears for Maryland chicken farmers battling avian flu

As flocks around the country continue to test positive for avian influenza, experts in Maryland are hopeful that the worst is over. So far this year, four commercial flocks in the Free State have tested positive for the highly virulent virus that resulted in the elimination of 1.7 million chickens, according to Maryland Department of […]

Maryland’s oyster harvest largest in 35 years

Maryland is seeing its largest oyster harvest in nearly 40 years, one industry expert said. Bill Sieling, executive vice president of Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association, attributes the excellent haul to both Mother Nature and the canniness of the Maryland oyster industry in putting available resources to their best use. “The combination of having the […]

Maryland state park budget increase to prepare parks for next century

With additional funding in the coming fiscal year, Maryland state parks will be seeing improvements that will include investments in infrastructure, personnel and new sites. The Free State will see a $70 budget for fiscal year 2023, a $13.7 million increase over last year’s $57.3 million, said Gregg Bortz, media relations manager for the Maryland […]

Advocate says USDA funds will help rural Maryland’s agriculture ‘diversify’

Maryland agricultural areas received funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help rural areas keep and create jobs. The grants and loans are part of a $1.4 billion investment by the USDA in rural areas across the nation, according to a news release by the USDA. “We certainly support improving local economies through an economic […]

Illinois ranks last for tax friendliness with ‘no end in sight’

High state income, property and sales taxes put the Land of Lincoln dead last in a tax-friendliness ranking for middle-class Americans, coming in behind states like New York and New Jersey. Illinois has a 4.95% flat state income tax rate and a 6.25% state sales tax with another 4.75% in local taxes added in some […]

Wyoming plans to expand sports betting despite low initial numbers

Wyoming saw its first month of sports betting close out with lower than expected numbers, but the state still plans to expand the industry. Wyoming’s first two sports betting enterprises, DraftKings and BetMGM, together took in more than $6 million in wagers during September, the Wyoming Business Report reported. Estimates of yearly wager totals, also called […]