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Tennessee bill would extend school vouchers to parents upset over mask mandates, virtual learning

Tennessee parents upset about local public school policies requiring masks or virtual learning could get state funding to send their child to a private school under a voucher proposal filed this week by two Republican lawmakers. Rep. Michael Curcio and Sen. Mike Bell want to expand a voucher program approved by the legislature in 2019 […]

Civil rights groups sue over Tennessee law aimed at transgender student athletes

Civil rights groups representing a 14-year-old Tennessee student are challenging a new state law restricting the participation of transgender athletes in middle and high school sports. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Nashville on behalf of Luc Esquivel, a transgender boy who had hoped to try out for the boys’ golf team […]

Tennessee law restricting classroom discussions on race inspires passionate, poignant and enraged feedback

Tammy Williams, a resident of Franklin, Tennessee, called anything that resembles critical race theory “racist” and divisive. Deborah Edwards, a grandmother near Memphis, expressed dismay at her home state’s “attempt to censor the teaching of American history.” And Michael Franklin, a Vietnam veteran from Nashville, said a new state law limiting classroom discussions about racism […]