Author: Robert Davis

Federal judge grants temporary restraining order in Colorado discrimination lawsuit over relief funds

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Colorado’s economic development office from giving minority-owned businesses preference for COVID-19 relief grants. The lawsuit was initially filed last week by Stephen Collins, the owner of Resort Meeting Source, an event-planning business. Collins, who is white, argues that his business qualifies as a “disproportionately impacted business” under state […]

Colorado taxpayers on the hook for $1,800 each despite federal aid infusion

Colorado has a debt burden of $3.6 billion that leaves the state’s taxpayers on the hook for $1,800 per person, according to a new report by a fiscal watchdog group. The report by Truth in Accounting (TIA) gives the Centennial State a “C” grade for its fiscal health, ranking it 15th in the nation. Colorado $1,800 taxpayer burden ranks as the fourth-lowest in […]