Population changes the recipe for Texas’ political soup

Political people often compare Texas election maps to a state-shaped bowl of tomato soup with blueberries sprinkled in it. Most of the state in those post-election illustrations is Republican red, with smaller areas — the big cities and, increasingly, their suburbs — colored Democratic blue. In the last 10 years, the blueberries in the tomato […]

New laws reflect Republican lawmakers’ focus on their right flank

Texans woke up Wednesday in a state where it’s legal to carry a gun if you are neither licensed nor trained and where enforcement of anti-abortion laws has been crowdsourced to citizen bounty hunters who can get up to $10,000 for turning in anyone they catch helping someone obtain an abortion. Under the guise of […]

Analysis: Cheating spoils the results — in baseball, and in Texas politics

What if cheating in politics got as much attention as stealing catchers’ signs on the way to a World Series? The Houston Astros — and maybe a team or two to be named later — got caught using technology to steal the signs catchers were making to pitchers. Stealing signs is a legal and time-honored […]