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Sound Transit projected fares fall by $2B due to free rider problem

Sound Transit’s new policy for fare enforcement on their passengers isn’t satisfying many Washington state residents, including a number of the agency’s board members. Sound Transit’s board of directors debated on the best way to hold passengers accountable while not burdening disadvantaged riders at a recent meeting. Russell Arnold from Sound Transit presented statistics on […]

More flights cancelled as Alaska Airlines and pilots union negotiate

Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Pilots Union continue contract negotiations as flights from the airlines continue being cancelled. The airline said in a statement on April 7 that they are through the worst of the cancellations and that they are “reducing about 2 percent of [their] total flights through the end of June to […]

SDOT pilot program gives seniors, disabled $20 transit, Uber, taxi vouchers

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced a pilot program called “Ride Now” that will give applicants over the age of 65 and individuals with disabilities six free $20 vouchers a month access to rides through various services. The services that will accept these vouchers are Yellow Cab, Uber, Lyft, or transit stations like bus […]