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Miyares investigating Commanders as lawmakers debate stadium funding

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has launched an investigation into the Washington Commanders over alleged financial improprieties as lawmakers continue to debate subsidies to the team for a new NFL stadium.

Miyares launched an official inquiry into the Commanders in response to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform alleging it found evidence of deceptive business practices. The team has been accused of withholding ticket revenue from visiting teams despite NFL rules that require 40% of the sales to go to the visitor.

“The Office of the Attorney General is conducting an official inquiry into this matter,” Miyares said in a letter to Commanders’ attorney Jordan Siev.

“To be clear, I have not prejudged the issues raised regarding the Commanders,” Miyares said. “However, I view it as my responsibility to carefully examine the material facts regarding this matter after it was brought to my attention. I request full cooperation and transparency from your client during this inquiry.”

House and Senate lawmakers from both parties have backed legislation that would funnel millions of dollars into a new Virginia Football Stadium Authority that would be tasked with funding improvements for a stadium if the Commanders choose to relocate to northern Virginia. The authority would be allowed to contract bonds for the stadium and would receive funding through sales taxes collected in and around the stadium. A Senate version of the bill would receive funding through income taxes associated with the team and nearby businesses.

Although lawmakers have promised this funding would create economic prosperity, some scholars have warned that taxpayer-funded stadium deals never yield the promised results and are often a net negative for the state and local economy. House and Senate lawmakers are currently in a joint conference committee to create a compromise bill and some lawmakers have said they intend to scale back the proposed subsidies.

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