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Ohio high school athletes still banned from NIL arena

High school athletes in Ohio will not be able to profit from using their name, image and likeness just as college athletes have recently been able to do.

Ohio High School Athletic Association member schools overwhelmingly voted down, 538-254, an association proposal that would have allowed student-athletes to sign endorsement agreements.

The proposal mirrored recent college-NIL rules. The plan, though, would not have allowed team, school or the OHSAA logo to be used. Also, endorsements would not have been permitted on school property or in school uniform, and it would have banned companies that dealt with casinos, gambling, alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

“Every year, the referendum voting process shows that our member schools have a voice in this democratic process,” OHSAA Executive Director Doug Ute said. “If NIL is going to enter the Ohio interscholastic landscape, we want the schools to be the ones to make that determination. Whatever we do moving forward, it will include discussion on this issue with our school administrators, board of directors, staff and leaders of other state high school athletic associations.”

If the measure would have passed, athletes could have been allowed to sell digital images or clothing with their names or images, or they could have been able to hold autograph signings or conduct camps.

The Ohio General Assembly passed its version of college name, image and likeness late last year. It was added to a veterans bill that included sports gaming and transgender athletic restrictions.

The OHSAA represents 817 schools throughout the state.

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