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North Dakota spending $240K to print new guide for tourists

The North Dakota Tourism Division is spending $240,000 in printing costs for a new guide that highlights the state’s hidden gems and cultural treasures.

“The new guide features beautiful imagery and easy-to-find information to inspire and motivate visitors to experience North Dakota’s, outdoor adventures, history, culture and warm welcoming communities while promoting attractions, events and places to stay,” Kim Schmidt, communications manager for the North Dakota Tourism Division, told The Center Square. “It also features refreshed itineraries, making it easier for travelers to follow their curiosity toward new activities and community offerings.”

Additional highlights in the guide include refreshed accommodation listings in an easy-to-read grid format, hunting and fishing information, “fun facts” about North Dakota, road trip itineraries and a music playlist.

Schmidt said the travel guide is a collaborative product. Advertising is sold by a subcontractor on a revenue-share agreement. Content is developed by staff members and Odney, the state’s agency of record.

North Dakota’s tourism industry was affected by the pandemic, reporting more than $1.8 billion in lost visitor spending and $137 million lost in state and local tax revenue, according to Schmidt. She said despite those losses, North Dakota remained well-positioned with a marketing campaign that showcased the state’s uncrowded spaces and wide-open places, along with featured road trips that appealed to travelers and continues to inspire more trips to the state.

“North Dakota did have a record-breaking year in 2021 in many areas of tourism,” Schmidt said. “Arrivals to the state, tracked with GPS technology, show that visitation to the state was up 15.59% and visitation increases were from all 50 states. Tourism analytics reports show that visitation to the state showed a strong rebound despite the continued obstacles for Canadian travelers. The border closure and associated protocols meant 1.22 million fewer personal vehicle and bus passengers from Canada. Recent marketing metrics, however, are optimistic showing that our Canadian visitors are excited to return.”

With pandemic restrictions easing, things are looking up for North Dakota’s tourism industry, Schmidt said.

“Optimism is high that through creative planning and hard work across the industry, North Dakota is well-positioned to welcome a public eager for travel and adventure in 2022,” Schmidt said. “In the past, increased gas prices have not resulted in fewer visitors. The reason for this is likely that we offer a great value overall versus other areas and more expensive destinations.”

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