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Oklahoma Transportation Commission hears plans for federal funding

Transportation Secretary Tim Gatz updated the Oklahoma Transportation Commission on plans for federal money coming to the state from the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

“Those dollars specifically are directed to bridges both on the highway system and off the highway system that are in poor or fair condition,” Gatz said Monday. “The department right now is working to review how we’re going to administer the Bridge Formula Program dollars.”

The Bridge Formula Program is part of the IIJA and will give a total of $26.5 billion to the 50 states over a five-year period for bridge repairs, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) said in January. It expects about 5,000 highway bridges nationwide to be repaired through the program.

Oklahoma expects to receive $256 million over the course of five years, Gatz said.

Oklahoma also will receive $66 million over a five-year period for electric vehicle infrastructure, Gatz said, but the state must submit a plan detailing how it will use the money before it can access it.

“Our goal will be to make sure that we incentivize and work with the private sector to build this infrastructure out at retail locations that make sense from an expansion of a charging station infrastructure standpoint,” Gatz said.

Under the infrastructure law, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program will allocate nearly about $7.5 billion to the states over a five-year span to develop a network of charging stations nationwide for electric vehicles, according to the White House.

Gatz said the deadline for the state to submit its plan for the money is in August.

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