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Snow cleanup begins on Illinois roadways

Illinois State Police and the Department of Transportation offer tips to drivers for driving in the aftermath of harsh winter weather.

Some parts of the state experienced more than a foot of snow from the recent snow storm. The accumulation of snow and ice continues to cause a commotion on Illinois roadways.

Maria Castaneda of the Illinois Department of Transportation urged drivers to stay home if possible.

“If you’re going to be driving in the snow, the main thing to ask yourself is, do I need to make this trip right now,” Castaneda said. “If you do need to be out there, plan accordingly.”

The snow in some regions left many schools and roadways closed due to the conditions.

Jody Huffman, commander for District 9 with the Illinois State Police, told WMAY that drivers need to be on the lookout for snowplows so they can begin the clean-up.

“IDOT is doing their best to get our snowplows through and get this snow-cover off our roadways,” Huffman said. “However, we are having a very challenging time especially on overpasses.”

Castaneda and IDOT encourage all drivers to try and remain behind the plow, rather than in front of it.

“If you see our trucks out there, give them room to work,” Castaneda urged drivers. “Don’t crowd the plow, it will definitely be a better road behind that plow than in front of it.”

The snow caused a number of drivers to stay home and off the roads this week. Huffman and the State Police commended Illinois residents for remaining home.

“We have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of vehicle traffic,” Huffman said. “This is not all doom and gloom, I am grateful that many of your listeners have stayed home so thank you for that.”

IDOT and the Illinois State Police encourage drivers to stay home during large snowstorms but offer some tips for those having to hit the roads:

  • If you are involved in a crash or a breakdown, stay inside your vehicle if at all possible. Activate hazard lights and try to move to the side of the road if possible.
  • Make sure your gas tank is full before you leave for your destination.
  • Keep a fully-charged cell phone, warm clothes, blankets, food, water, and a first aid kit in your vehicle, along with extra windshield wiper fluid and an ice-scraper.
  • Make friends and loved ones aware of your travel schedule, and the route you intend to take.

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