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Author: Kacie Candela

Belarus: The Slow Descent into Uprising

Photo Courtesy: Artem Podrez Belarus, a nation in the former Soviet Bloc, has been gripped with violent protests since the presidential election on August 9th. After 26 years of simmering frustration under Aleksander Lukashenko, the anger of the nation’s citizenry finally boiled over this summer. But how did they get here? And where are they […]

Experts skeptical as Russia approves first vaccine

Photo Courtesy: Anna Shvets Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on August 11th that a locally developed coronavirus vaccine, called Sputnik-V, has won regulatory approval. At the time of his declaration, the shots had only been tested on dozens of people, for under two months. Putin claims that all necessary tests are finished and that the […]

NRA Under Fire – Leadership Facing Fraud Charges

Photo Courtesy: Freelancers Union In a lawsuit filed on August 6th, New York’s Attorney General is pursuing the dissolution of the National Rifle Association. This claim comes from an 18-month investigation into the gun rights group, raising allegations of fraud and abuse. Due to a pervasive culture of corruption, Attorney General Letitia James advocates shutting […]

Climate Change: Signs of Hope

Alongside the current coronavirus pandemic, a slower, more insidious disaster has been playing out. The looming threat of climate change has brought about a bleak vision of the future: intense natural disasters, flooded coastal cities, widespread refugee crises, and an ultimately desolate and inhospitable planet. Emissions have dropped significantly during the lockdown, with air pollution […]

SpaceX Launches Rockets & Resorts, Lands Contracts & Spacecrafts

The company SpaceX has experienced a series of victories this month, beginning with a successful test of an experimental rocket prototype. The Sequel to Starhopper On August 4th, an imposing silver vehicle, resembling a water tank or grain silo, launched almost 500 feet before settling on a ground pad. It goes by the name SN5, […]

Humanitarian Aid Scrambles to Help After Beirut Explosion

In the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanese officials are pleading for international aid to help the city recover. This explosion, which killed at least 135 people and injured another 5,000, has left citizens without homes, food, or vital medical care. In an interview on Thursday, Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud wept and implored […]

American Prison System During the Pandemic

The Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Marshals Service are accused of contributing to the rapid transmission of coronavirus throughout the American prison population, due to a combination of alleged incompetence and disregard for regulations. In the United States, prisoners are dying from coronavirus, and rates of infection within the prison system continue to […]

Facebook Accused of Ignoring Hate Speech in India

India’s Congress party has requested a parliamentary panel to investigate possible favoritism by Facebook’s India team for the nation’s ruling right-wing party. Allegations Against Facebook The demand for the investigation into Facebook’s alleged favoritism stemmed from a report published on Friday by the Wall Street Journal, alleging that Facebook neglected its hate speech policy where […]

Indians Take a Stand Against Skin Whitening

Throughout India, billboards, television screens, and store shelves promote products with ‘anti darkening’ properties, enticing consumers with images of beaming fair-skinned women. A pale complexion is considered a beauty ideal in South Asia – where the majority of citizens are dark-skinned from living near the equator. For years, beauty companies have marketed whitening creams, scrubs, […]