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ABQ residents stand in solidarity with Baltimore without major incident (VIDEO)

Wednesday afternoon about two hundred demonstrators gathered outside the University of New Mexico’s bookstore to show solidarity with people in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. After gathering for about 30 minutes, the group, with signs and drums, marched east on Central Avenue towards a Nob Hill police sub-station and back. […]

Anti-New York White Supremacist Hate is Rising, NYPD Says

When white nationalist Garrett Kelsey discovered an internet video castigating Nordic neo-Nazis, he allegedly turned his fury on the Manhattan-based Jewish group that posted it. From his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Kelsey left a voicemail ranting about “filthy (expletive) Jews” — then followed up with a threat to “take action” if the video didn’t […]

Analysis Where are all the US Paralympic golds?

Those looking up the performance of the United States in the London 2012 Paralympic Games will have to scroll a little further down the current medal table than they would have done for the Olympic results. Not far, but far enough to raise questions as to why the US is not doing as well as […]

One year in, Gates-funded networks of schools are getting off the ground — and more are on the way

Baltimore’s school leaders have a clear goal: to improve their eighth and ninth-graders’ reading and writing skills. They also have $11 million from the Gates Foundation to help do it. Figuring out exactly what to do, though, has been a messy, ongoing process. And that’s by design, they say. One of the 14 schools working […]

Baltimore Sun: Sun (the other one, our star) to get close scrutiny by new space probe.

Two new NASA and Johns Hopkins University-Applied Physics Lab space probes are in final preparation for their mission to observe solar storms. The aim, aside from basic science, is to provide better warning of space weather that might affect Earth. Collectively they are the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory. The Sun’s Michael Stroh provides readers with a curtain […]

This top-rated black teacher may lose her job over one test. Are ‘high standards’ working?

In her first year teaching fourth grade in Baltimore, Tamika Peters earned the highest rating possible on her official evaluation. Peters brought a deep well of experience to her work: over a decade at her school as a long-term substitute and paraprofessional. More recently, she had earned a master’s degree in education and completed the […]

Fear on the front: Health workers adapt and brace for surge

These are just some of the changes, large and small, that health care providers in North Carolina have been making over the past weeks as they prepare for the surge of patients infected with COVID-19 who are only now starting to have symptoms that will land them in doctors’ offices and hospitals in coming weeks. […]

Hospitals Find Asthma Hot Spots More Profitable To Neglect Than Fix

BALTIMORE — Keyonta Parnell has had asthma most of his young life, but it wasn’t until his family moved to the 140-year-old house here on Lemmon Street two years ago that he became one of the health care system’s frequent customers. “I call 911 so much since I’ve been living here, they know my name,” […]

There’s a dark political history to language that strips people of their dignity

Dehumanizing language often precedes genocide. One tragic example: Extreme dehumanizing language was a strong contributor to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. As I have written, the Hutu majority used a popular radio station to continually refer to Tutsi tribal members, a minority in Rwanda, as “cockroaches.” As support for this characterization grew among Hutus, it essentially […]

Could a national buyback program reduce gun violence in America?

Americans own nearly half of the world’s guns, with approximately 120 firearms for every 100 U.S. residents. Gun control policies may someday restrict new gun sales. But what impact can they have when Americans already own millions of guns? Some have pointed to gun buybacks as a potential solution to this problem. I have spent years studying […]